Patric Esters

Patric Esters, BA, MSc Child & Adolescent Psychology

Mr. Esters provides counseling and individual therapy to expat teenagers and (young) adults. Mr. Esters speaks and treats clients mainly in English, German, and Spanish, and if necessary also in Portuguese, Catalan and Dutch. Mr. Esters specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma and cultural identity issues. He also provides psychodiagnostics for young people. He views therapy as a unique opportunity to explore important issues and facilitate self-growth and self-acceptance. For this to happen establishing clear goals and having a healthy working relationship are important.

Mr. Esters has first-hand expat experience, being born in Germany and raised in Spain. He has been working for several years as a child and adult psychologist in an international clinic for expatriates. He has a vast background in psychology and psychotherapy. He holds a BA from University College Roosevelt and a Masters in Child & Adolescent Psychology from Leiden University. Moreover, he has a EMDR certificate to treat trauma’s and is following a 4 year postgraduate degree in psychotherapy for adults at the University of Antwerp.