Archipel Psychology, Counselling, and Family Services brings together under one roof a group of independent psychologists and counsellors, each with her own private practice but dedicated to a common vision of high quality mental health services for the international community in The Hague.

Each clinician offers a unique range of services which may be oriented towards children and families, individual adults, or couples. A variety of therapeutic approaches may be used, depending on the needs of the individual and the areas of speciality of each therapist.

Individuals or couples may seek the support and guidance of a therapist for a variety of reasons, from work stress to anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, or simply the desire to make some significant change in their behaviour, or to cope with a loss or change in their lives.   Parents may seek help and support for their children or teenagers who may be experiencing difficulties in school, challenging behaviour at home, or emotional distress.  In each situation the therapist will arrange an initial intake interview to decide together with the client the best course of action.

The counselling and consulting spaces which comprise Archipel are centrally located at

Nassauplein 20
2585 EC The Hague
The Netherlands

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